Important Health And Safety Tips For New Construction Businesses

The construction industry is a great area to get into but there are some big challenges to overcome. When you are starting your construction business, it’s important that you prioritize health and safety. There is a lot of legislation in place and if you don’t comply with the law, you could end up with injuries on-site, and some big fines from the health and safety inspector. If you are just getting started in the construction industry, here are a few ways to improve health and safety on site.

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Provide The Right Protective Gear

Wearing the right protective equipment is so important on a construction site, and it’s down to you to provide it. Invest in some good quality workwear, like Dickies pants and boots. You also need specific PPE, like hard hats, goggles and gloves etc. When you are purchasing PPE for your workers, don’t go for the cheap option because there is a chance that it won’t be in line with regulations and it won’t offer adequate protection. If you are not willing to invest in your employee’s safety, you shouldn’t be starting a construction company in the first place. Once you have all of the right protective gear, you need to make sure that everybody is wearing it at all times.

Provide The Right Training

Training is key to maintaining health and safety on the work site. When you bring new employees on board, you need to give them a full health and safety briefing, even if they are experienced. Whenever you invest in new equipment, you need to give people a refresher and provide specific training on the safe operation of that machinery. Don’t assume that it will be fine because it is similar to equipment that they have used in the past because small differences can lead to dangerous operation.

It’s important that you provide regular training to all employees, not just new ones. People fall into bad habits over time and they forget about health and safety rules, so a refresher every now and again is always useful.

Keep Up With Equipment Maintenance

Maintaining machinery and tools properly is vital if you want to keep your employees safe. Faulty equipment is more likely to malfunction and cause dangerous situations, but this can be avoided if you stay on top of basic maintenance. Check all equipment regularly and use lubricants on working parts to prevent issues in future. If you do notice small problems, fix them right away before the equipment becomes dangerous.

Use Clear Signs

Signs are a simple but effective health and safety tool on a construction site, and they help to protect the public as well as your own workers. Put up signs at the entrance reminding everybody to wear their PPE, and always put signs on equipment to remind people how to operate them safely. Constant reminders of the dangers will encourage people to follow health and safety guidelines to the letter.

Health and safety are vital in the construction industry, and as long as you follow these simple tips, you can ensure that your employees are always safe.

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