Monthly Archive for March, 2019

Is going to University Going to Benefit your Career?

Making the decision to go to university is not easy to say the least. You may feel as though it’s expensive and that you have to quit work as well. That being said university can open up a ton of new options for you, and it may even mean that your life is better as […]

Create a Much Safer Office

Image source Most people assume that offices are very safe places to work in. However, this is not always the case as they come with dangers and hazards all of their own. They might not be as obvious as in factories or on construction site, but they are there nevertheless. It appears that around 100,000 […]

Recruit Better Employees With These Job Interviewing Tips

Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons. Job interviewers are a chance to meet an applicant in person and assess whether you could really picture them working successfully within your company. Conduct poor interviews and you’re likely to make poor hiring decisions. To ensure that you get the best out of your interviews and end up […]

Getting The Most Out of Your Sales Team

It’s not just one department in your company that defines whether it’s going to be successful or not. Everyone plays a role. If all of your employees are working at full capacity, then the business is going to do well! However, it’s also true that not all areas of your business have equal weight. It’s […]

Using The Right Safety Devices For Your Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing is the part where your ideas come to life. Your business success hinges on the fact that everything runs smoothly in your facility. This of course should also include making sure that you are not polluting and sticking to the various environmental safety guidelines and laws. The thing is, if you do become negligent […]

Great Teams Created Here

When you’ve reached capacity in your daily workload, you know it’s time to start the recruitment process but as a solopreneur this is brand new territory. How can you make sure that the hires you make are going to work out and not leave you stuck with employees that fall far short of the mark? […]

Business Shortcuts to Make Life Easier

Picture link As a business owner, you have many plates that you need to keep spinning. It’s incredibly difficult- you work long hours and put in all the effort you have to make things a success. Finding ways to take shortcuts without compromising on quality is essential for getting things done quickly and efficiently, and […]

Is Your Business Safe?

It’s National Ladder Safety Month which makes it a very appropriate time to talk about safety at work. Some companies are really aware of this and make health and safety a big priority. But to everybody does. And sometimes, that can just be down to a lack of knowledge. Yet keeping your business safe and […]

Why I get people to write their own letters of reference

If you’ve subscribed or followed my blogs, you know by now about my concept of antimimeticisomorphism – Doing out-of-the-ordinary things to create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort and lowest cost. Early in my career, a mentor got me to write my own letter of reference. He explained that as the requestor and […]

Are There Advantages of Hiring Freelancers and Contractors over Full Time Employees?

More than ever today’s workforce is shifting away from the standard nine to five and becoming much more flexible. Through the use of the internet it has made many more businesses more easily become global, as they can work with people all around the world at the touch of a button. And as a result, […]