Interesting Job Search Facts And Statistics

  • Job Dissatisfaction: According to a recent life and work study, a surprising 88% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs.
  • Multiple Jobs: On average, the least-educated man holds more jobs than the most educated man while it’s the opposite is true for women. Men without a high school diploma held 13.3 jobs between the ages of 18 and 44 while men with a bachelor’s degree or high held 11.0 jobs. Women with a bachelor’s degree or higher held an average of 11.7 jobs from ages 18 to 44 while those with without a high school diploma held an average of 9.7 jobs.
  • Follow Up Calls pay Off: Statistics show that the first person to place a follow up call to a job posting has a 95% chance to get the job position and those who call the following day only have a 1% chance.
  • Time To Get A Job: The average amount of time it takes someone to become employed varies between 2-6 months depending on time and strategies invested in the search which means WHAT you do can get you hired 3 to 4 months faster.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, average job seekers take 24.9 weeks to get hired.
  • Electronic Resumes: 70% of Fortune 500 hiring professionals surveyed said resumes sent electronically are preferred.
  • Multiple Careers: The average person will change jobs every 6 to 10 years and careers between 2 to 4 times. Furthermore, people should expect a career change to take between 2 to 6 years to implement.
  • Online Job Ad Response Rate: The average response rate to an online job application is less than 5%.
  • How To Get Hired: 86% of managers say they hire people they like rather than what the job requires.

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