Event Planning Checklist

As a business coach to entrepreneurs and a business mentor for executives, I often get asked how to plan events. This page is a work-in-progress to help you get started. It’s on this blog because it’s focus is on your professional development which means at some point you will leverage your time and effort with events as one of the exponential strategies available to you. If you have comments and/or suggestions, please post a comment on this blog and I will add it as quickly as I can – and will create a backlink to your site or the original source of the information.

Things to plan BEFORE an event

  • Database segmentation
  • E-mail campaign – how many e-mails to be sent? And when?
  • Other campaigns if applicable – direct mail; SMS; fax
  • Blog posts scheduled ahead of time
  • Confirm venue & accom rate at venue if multi-day event
  • Are you filming the event?  If so arrange with venue
  • Are you catering this event? If so arrange with venue
  • Room set up at venue & are any break out areas required
  • Autoresponders:
    • Registration confirmation with times, venue details, parking, public transport info
    • Send preparation materials
    • Reminder emails: week before,  day before
  • SMS reminder: same day including time & venue details
  • Name tags &/or wristbands
  • Registration list
  • Handouts/forms (ie. Feedback forms or if doing online survey prepare)
  • Prep what you need to ship or take to venue for event (registration materials, product, giveaways etc)

Things to plan for DURING an event

  • Make contact with banqueting staff member who is your contact for the event to ensure anything you need or any changes can be communicated and carried out as quickly as possible as you have limited time once you arrive at the venue
  • Check all AV and other set up is as you  require as soon as you arrive

Things to plan for AFTER an event

  • Feedback forms handed out or online survey sent out
  • Thank you email & bonuses for attendees if applicable + email to people who didn’t attend with offer of another event or similar

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