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Engineers And Antimimeticisomorphism

Highway Goes Through Building In Japan

Highway Goes Through Building In Japan

Gate Tower Building is a 16-story office building in, Osaka , Japan . And what makes it notable is the highway that passes through the 5th-7th floors of this building. The highway is part of the Hanshin Expressway, a network (239.3 km) of expressways surrounding Osaka , Kobe and Kyoto , Japan . The Gate Tower Building is Japan ‘s first building to have a highway pass through it. And it had been nicknamed “beehive” referring to its appearance as a “bustling place”. The Umeda Exit of the Ikeda Route of the Hanshin Expressway system passes through this building.

The expressway is the tenant of these floors. The elevator doesn’t stop on floor 5th-7th, floor 4 being followed by floor 8. These floors consist of elevators, stairways, machinery and other stuff. The highway passes through the building as a bridge, held up by supports next to the building making no contact with the building itself. The building has a double core construction, with a circular cross section and special care is taken by providing surrounded structure to the highway to protect the building from noise and vibration. Generally expressways are built underground, and passing through a building is an extremely rare occasion. It dates back to 1983, when the redevelopment of this area was decided upon, “building permits were refused because the highway was already being planned to be built over this land. The property rights’ holders refused to give up, and negotiated with the Hanshin Expressway corporation for approximately 5 years to reach the current solution.”

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Powerpoint Presentation

Business Coaching Sydney, Business Coach Sydney, Business Coaching Melbourne, Business Coach MelbourneToday’s submission is from Jocelyn Donovan of Donovan Associates, Sydney’s premier Civil and Structural Engineers and Surveyors. It’s a special and unique Powerpoint presentation that I can’t reveal to you.  You have to download it to fully understand why it’s such a powerful presentation.

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Australian Engineers losing their skills?

Australia’s intelligence is dropping. Not the general intelligence, but a specialised type of intelligence that is essential for Australia’s economic and general prosperity.

It’s a drop in the natural and intuitive comprehension of technical systems. For years it has been implicitly assumed by educators that engineering students have this comprehension. Even though this is really no longer the case, there has been no major change in the education (primary, secondary and tertiary) system to compensate.

To many of us, this might not seem like a major issue. However, without well-trained engineers (and other technologists), Australia won’t be in a position to develop the new technologies that make it easier, faster and cheaper to do things. When it becomes easier to do anything (travelling through a city, making a product, building a house or sending information electronically, for example), it naturally becomes more affordable.

And those who know how to make it easier not only improve the wealth of society, but are soon in a financially better situation themselves. The value of engineering – and its effective education – to a country is obvious once you think about it.

Nevertheless, because of the drop in the average comprehension of technical systems within our society and no effort to account for it, we cannot hope to produce the quality of engineers that we once did.

This started more than a decade ago.  Clint Steele recalls a lecturer of his about to use a component of a car to explain a phenomenon, but then catching himself and making the comment that ”students don’t work on their cars the way they used to”.

It is harder these days to work on your car or to fix your appliances or garden equipment. These days things just aren’t made to be repaired.

Obviously, the typical exposure to the inner workings of technology that the average Australian can expect growing up is reducing.

In his article, Mr Steele reveals a division where the cars are made of paper. Their design is remarkable, but because the students build the car by simply putting the parts together, they gain insufficient technical expertise of how the car was actually engineered. In other words, they gain less technical aptitude because they are removed from the creative process of engineering.

Without exposure to technology and how it works, young Australians will neither develop an interest that will motivate them to pursue a related career or develop an intuitive understanding that will let us develop the excellent engineers that are so vital to Australia’s future.

For some time, we relied on country students (who gained the required insight from working on farm equipment) and the rare students who maintained an interest in Lego or Meccano to an age that some would consider unhealthy. But these students are becoming rarer.

This reduced interest means students don’t consider engineering until later in high school, and often don’t take the ideal subjects in their final years (physics, chemistry and mathematics). The result is that the entry standards for engineering courses are reduced, and exacerbate the problems already mentioned.

Teaching technical skills in engineering degrees is too late; without the early interest in technology, students just won’t develop the interest and motivation that will encourage them to select the ideal subjects for an engineering degree, let alone the intuition essential for excellent engineers.

If we don’t take this aspect of education just as seriously, Australia will struggle to remain competitive.

That’s why my blogs, programs and events are so vital for engineers to consider – to maintain and further develop the highly sought after skills that employers are willing to pay a premium for.

Productivity Tip: Concentration Of Focus

I wanted to share an email with you – this was a friend who was running his business into the ground. I left it in its raw form to give you a sense of what it’s like to told what you don’t want to hear, but need to hear. It’s what my Platinum Program members expect. If you want to step up to this level of performance – you know how to reach me. But BEWARE – I will tell it like it is, with no sugar coating!

Here’s the first dose of telling you what you don’t want to hear. Get the
business right, make a s_ _ _load of money and THEN think of another opportunity.

Every minute you spend on something OTHER than the business means you’re
dissipating what Tony Robbins calls CONCENTRATION OF EFFORT – one of the keys to
exponential success.

I know you’ll say or think things like:

Successful people do MANY things at the same time.

Wealthy investors invest in MULTIPLE stocks.

Real estate moguls own MORE THAN ONE property.

This is all true – EXCEPT for ONE thing.

They all started creating a success with ONE thing they knew really well and
MAXIMISED the returns and rewards and then re-invested the profits.

They bought ONE stock that made a PROFIT.

They bought ONE property that appreciated in VALUE and then leveraged it.

They started ONE company that was successful and reinvested the PROFITS into
other businesses.

That’s one of the problems MANY people have – they have NO CONCENTRATION OF

Like the magnifying glass that focuses the sun’s rays to create heat and
fire, the concept holds true for business ideas and innovation.

I know first hand how hard it is to put great ideas aside – I call it
‘parking an idea’ – putting it on hold to be picked up at a later time and
date. When it’s appropriate.

If you are struggling with the business such that you can’t afford to do what
you really want, that means you have not yet succeeded with the business.
You might be on your way, but the rewards are only available when you
BACKSTOP the backward slide that occurs from time to time.

Success really only happens when you OWN the business and have NO mortgage,
otherwise you are always a slave to the landlord or the bank.

Too many people in business think they’re entrepreneurs when in fact they
are employees with tax benefits and huge financial liabilities.

CONCENTRATION OF FOCUS is what made you a ______ champion.

You better than anyone KNOWS what it takes to WIN.

Why are you not using the SAME DISCIPLINE and FOCUS for the business?

Why are you not using all the sources of information/data/tools to make it
massively successful?

You’ve seen and heard what I’ve been able to do over and over again – this
is not magic – plumbers, electricians, retailers, gyms, lawyers, engineers,
employees, coaches, accountants, IT companies… They use these strategies
that have been tried and tested for over 30 years.

But it takes concentration of focus to make it happen.

Why bother with an Internet idea when you have no expertise in that area –
your website with no offence intended… ‘sucks’.

I know you’re going to have one soon, but do you realise it’s 2011?

You’re 10 years behind the eight-ball in respect of the Internet. You should
be getting at least 50% of your clients through the Internet by now. You
should be delivering value to you clients via online strategies and

Does this make sense or do you still think you’re right?

If you think you’re right, answer me one question, again this is without
prejudice or judgment.

If you’re right, why aren’t you successful = profitable and swimming in

You are the MOST COMPETENT ________ I have ever met – you know more
than 10 people combined.

You are one of the MOST DISCIPLINED people I know – winning a __________
championship requires TOTAL and absolute commitment.

Also, you are one of the most stubborn people who wants to do it on his own
– without help/assistance.

When I was in +/- teens, I was the same way – it was all about ego, me,
myself and I. Then I realised something that was hard to admit.

I wasn’t smart enough to do it on my own.

That’s when I picked up Tony Robbins’ books and the rest is history. I started
seeking out the BEST sources of information and strategies and APPLIED them
– over and over and over and over again – until I mastered them.

I applied them with CONCENTRATION OF FOCUS on ONE concept/project at a time.

That’s my message for you today.

I know what you wanted to hear, and I asked you if you wanted me to tell you
what you NEED to hear versus what you WANT to hear.

All I can say is that everyone thinks they have a great idea.

My test is simple. If you can’t summarise it in one sentence, it’s all too

For example:

A super small device that can hold thousands of songs that you can buy on
the Internet and play in any pre-set order you want. (iPod)

I sell ice cream cones at the beach on sunny days. (DUH!)

For every $1 people give me, I guarantee they will make $3. (My business)

A computer that looks great, requires no technical skill to operate and
doesn’t get viruses because the operating system is bullet proof. (Mac)

Then of course there’s the USP… Without that, you’re just like everyone
else, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Let me know how you feel about this brutal full-frontal dose of reality.

Onward and upward!