Monthly Archive for October, 2021

Why It’s Time To Get Strict With Your Payment Terms

A common problem that many small business owners and freelancers have is payment. From late payments to not being paid at all, many business owners will struggle to keep their business afloat while juggling the uncertainty of payment. If you’ve always been a bit lax with your payments, it’s time to get tough. Getting your […]

Reducing Recruitment Costs

Pexels – CCO Licence Right now, due to the global pandemic and all of the issues that have brought, many businesses are looking to save money wherever they can. One area that is often overlooked to this end is recruitment.  Hiring new people can be a big expense for any business, but of course, it […]

Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Business

Pixabay – CCO Licence When you are running your own business, it is important that you remain as professional as you at all times. If you drop the ball even for one second, it could have negative consequences for your business. Bad habits, in particular, can bring your business down if you let them, and […]

How To Rebuild Your Small Business After COVID-19

While the short-term prognosis for small companies differs significantly by sector, it’s critical to anticipate what recovery mode will look like once the economy returns to normalcy – or creates a new normal. Having a plan in place for following COVID-19 may help you be ready to hit the ground running and rebuild. If you’re […]