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Praise At Work

I am not an advocate of feeding Praise Junkies as spotlighted in the BBC article hyperlinked, but praise does go a long way to motivating employees. Here is a useful infographic to help you motivate your team.

Engineers and motivation

Motivation is one of the many subjects we discussed at the recent 1 Day Mini MBA event in Sydney. The list below is interesting because it dovetails into the discussion we had concerning motivational factors versus what Dr Herzberg refers to as hygiene factors (which can only serve to demotivate).

Most managers don’t understand the difference between simple concepts like this which is why they can be so ineffective as so-called leaders, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Today, I wanted to share with you a recent poll done by The Australia Wide Personnel group on LinkedIn.

Here is how engineering candidates ranked the 7 most important factors when considering a new job that was sent to me by Ray Keefe, one of our multi-award winning clients (and an engineer).

The  7 most important factors engineers consider
when assessing a new job offer

  1. Work which requires imagination
  2. Challenge of the role
  3. Work environment
  4. Salary & benefits
  5. Employer’s reputation
  6. Flexible work arrangements
  7. Location

What do you think of the list?

Is it accurate or just what researchers want to hear?

From ‘Just A Job’ To Finding Your Calling

I come from a family that valued higher education, hard work and integrity. I can’t say that it’s all that common these days.

One of the foundational principles I was brought up with was the understanding of the hierarchy shown below. This Professional Mastery Blog is all about helping you migrate from having ‘just a job’, to developing a great career, accelerating in your profession and ultimately finding your calling – the reason you’re here and the only way you get to feed your spirit living the dream life you’ve always wanted.

It’s what I describe as

living a life of revolution by design
rather than evolution by default
to avoid extinction by stagnation
” — Dr Marc Dussault

From Just A Job To Finding Your Calling

From Just A Job To Finding Your Calling

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Failure is a sign you’re stretching beyond your comfort zone

This short 1-minute YouTube video says it all. Failure is a sign you’re stretching beyond your comfort zone and expanding what I call your Sphere of Influence – a concept I explain in my Entrepreneur’s Success Book. Anyway, for today and right now, I just want you to take 1 minute out of your busy day and be amazed at all the super successful people and how they failed before they hit the big time. It’s truly inspiring.