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walking-asciiAs a reader of this and my other blogs, you know one of the underlying concepts of Exponential Mindset Thinking is what I call antimimeticisomorphism.

Today’s post is about some weird things successful people do, Based on a Scientific American Magazine article, among many interesting facts, reveals that Dean Kamen, known for the invention of the Segway, dresses almost exclusively in denim. He spent five years in college before dropping out, does not take vacations and has never married. Kamen presides (along with his Ministers of Ice Cream, Brunch and Nepotism) over the Connecticut island kingdom of North Dumpling, which has “seceded” from the U.S. and dispenses its own currency in units of pi. Visitors are issued a visa form that includes spaces on which to note identifying marks on both their face and buttocks.

Kamen, who works tirelessly at inspiring kids to pursue careers in science and engineering, is one of many highly creative people whose personal behavior sometimes strikes others as odd. Albert Einstein picked up cigarette butts off the street to get tobacco for his pipe; Howard Hughes spent entire days on a chair in the middle of the supposedly germ-free zone of his Beverly Hills Hotel suite; the composer Robert Schumann believed that his musical compositions were dictated to him by Beethoven and other deceased luminaries from their tombs; and Charles Dickens is said to have fended off imaginary urchins with his umbrella as he walked the streets of London. More recently, we have seen Michael Jackson’s preoccupation with rhinoplasty, Salvador Dalí’s affection for dangerous pets and the Icelandic singer Björk dressed for the Oscars as a swan.

I am not advocating you be “this different”, but then again if it works to create extra-ordinary results, why not?!?!

Our approach to business coaching and mentoring is far from standard… but not totally off the charts. Just enough to create results that astonish and surprise…

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  • I totally agree!

    Being different defiantly makes you stand out, sometimes being bad makes you stand out.

    Some of the most naughty and different dogs we have in Doggy Day Care are some of our most famous at Paddington Pups.

    They can be so naughty and do some really different things sometimes but then when we don’t see them for a while we miss them. If it wasn’t for their strange characteristics they wouldn’t be so well known in our huge clientele of dogs and people.

    Even in Grooming, some of the most difficult and naughty dogs to groom are some of the groomers favourites.

    We have a really Cheeky little Chihuahua Oscar who is very anti social and doesn’t like other dogs and has little man syndrome. But he is the absolute favourite to some staff members even tho he’s a little rascal.

    Charlie the Golden Retriever if left alone he will just bark and bark and bark which drives us nuts. There is just something about him and how different he is that makes us all love him.



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