Why Health And Safety Needs To Be A Priority In Your Business

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No matter how busy you are as a business owner, you must never forego good health and safety practices within your company. Not only is it your ethical duty to protect the employees and customers who frequent your premises, but it’s in your best interests too, as your business will suffer if you don’t.

You need to…

  • Use health and safety guidelines when training your staff.
  • Maintain your business premises, so it is a safe place to work in.
  • Risk-assess any area where safety could be a affected and take the necessary precautions.

This should be common sense to you, of course, but in the event that you have been more than a little lax when it comes to health and safety, you need to consider the following.

#1: You might be hit by a lawsuit

Forgive us for spelling out the obvious, but if anybody is injured within your premises or on your worksite, then you are going to be hit with a compensation claim. And again, forgive us for the obvious, but this is going to severely damage your financial situation.

While you might realize this, of course, you might assume your insurance will cover you. But no matter how good your insurance company is, you need to know that there are legal teams within every sector battling for the rights of the people you employ. They know the tricks your insurance company will pull to try to minimize the blame placed on you, so don’t assume you will get away with your negligence. This is true within high-risk industries, such as those within the construction and maritime-related fields, as well as those considered low-risk, such as office and retail-based businesses.

So, talk to an experienced maritime accident attorney today (or similar) to find out more about the efforts they put in to fight for your employees’ rights, as you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of them tomorrow. As we suggested, your business will be badly hit on a financial level if you do. Not only that, but there is also the next point to consider too.

#2: Your reputation will take a hit

A business will live or die depending on its reputation, so if you are hit with a lawsuit, you can expect the world to hear about it. For starters, your employees and customers are hardly likely to keep quiet after an injury, so their friends and family members are bound to find out about your negligence. And the local media might get hold of the story too, and that will damage your reputation further.

So, to protect your business AND to protect your employees, make every effort to follow health and safety guidelines within your business. You will then retain your good reputation, and quite possibly improve upon it too if your attempts at building a safe workplace are noticed by others.

So, consider yourself and your business today. Are you up-to-date with health and safety regulations within your business? Are your employees and customers protected? If not, take the necessary steps needed to care for your business and the people who frequent it.

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