Is Your Business Prepared For The Remote Work Revolution?

Remote working is a very popular trend in business right now and more companies are adopting the practise because there are a lot of benefits. The majority of people find that they work more productively when they can set their own schedules because everybody has their own way of working. Studies show that the 9 to 5 day doesn’t work for a lot of people and it’s far better to let them work the hours that they choose. Remote workers also have lower levels of stress, which is a huge benefit because people do not work productively when they are under a lot of stress. Remote working is also beneficial for employers because you don’t need as much office space, so you can cut your overheads significantly. However, using remote workers is very different from your traditional business model and if you don’t prepare properly, you won’t see the benefits. If you are considering using remote workers in your business, these are the preparations that you need to make. à

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Cloud Computing

Making sure that all of your employees have access to the information and documents that they need to do their job is so important if you want them to work productively. You need to make sure that they have the same access that they would if they were in the office, so you need a good cloud computing and file sharing system in place. There are potential security issues when storing sensitive information in the cloud, so it’s best to get managed IT services to implement and manage your cloud system for you. That way, you can be sure that everything is working smoothly and you don’t have any data breaches.

Project Management Software

Managing a project that a lot of employees are working on is always tough, but when they’re all working remotely, things can be very difficult. Trying to manage everybody’s schedule and make sure that everybody is going to deliver on schedule is hard, which is why you should invest in project management software. It will help you to track everybody’s progress, raise and discuss any potential issues, and ensure that all deadlines are met. Without the right project management software in place, your remote workers will have a lot of difficulty when collaborating on projects.

Communication Tools

Communication is one of the biggest hurdles that you have to face when implementing remote workers. It’s important that you keep track of your employees and check in with them from time to time to make sure that everything is ok. Communication is also vital when employees are working on projects together. But maintaining good communication is so much harder when everybody is working from home, so you need to invest in the right communication tools. When group chat is used effectively, it can easily unite a remote workforce. Live chat services are a great tool for remote workers if they have quick questions that they need an immediate answer for. It’s easy for emails to pile up and important messages can get lost, so a live chat system is always a good idea. You should also get some good video calling software for conference calling. The right communication tools are important, but there is no substitute for meeting face to face, so you should try to host regular meetings in the office whenever you can. It’s important that you try to build a good working relationship between your employees and that’s a lot harder with remote workers, so you need to get people together as often as possible.

Security Concerns

Security is a big concern when you’re using remote workers because people are accessing company data on their own personal computers. It’s important that you make sure that those devices are secure before you allow your employees to access any company documents on them. You need to have a strict policy in place for employees that are using their own devices and make sure that your IT team have checked all devices to make sure that they have the right cyber-security software in place.


If you are moving toward remote working and scaling back on your office space, you should look into the possibility of outsourcing some areas. If you are cutting back on some departments and you only have one or two people left in the office, you should consider outsourcing the rest of the jobs there and reducing your office space further. You just need to think carefully about it and make sure that outsourcing is the right decision for you.

As long as you make these preparations, your business should be ready for the remote work revolution and all of the benefits that go along with it.

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