Self-Care Tips For Busy Business Owners

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So, how are you feeling today?

Chances are, as a busy business owner, you might be feeling tired and stressed. With a never-ending to-do list, people to manage, and targets to meet, you might also be feeling exhausted and close to burnout. And because of the way you could be feeling, you might no longer have the drive, passion, or love for your business that you once had. Because let’s face it, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows when you’re working for yourself. Life can be demanding, highly-pressured, and mentally and emotionally draining. Well, that’s sometimes the case anyway.

So, if you are feeling low because of the pressures of your business, and if you are beginning to feel the effects of entrepreneurial burnout as a consequence, now is the time to focus on self-care. While you will be keen to invest in your business, you should switch your focus to investing in yourself, as your business will suffer if you fall ill because of your busy business lifestyle.

Here are just a few of the ways you can practice self-care.

#1: Spend more time in exercise each day

Exercise? How can you when you have so much work to get on with? Well, you could get up a little earlier in the morning for a start, as you would have the opportunity to go for a walk or a run before your day begins. You could also bike or walk to work instead of taking the bus or your car. And during your break times (please remember to take these), you could also get out of the office for a little while and go for a walk. You see, exercise is an effective way to reduce your stress levels, relieve your tension, and boost your energy. So, before, during, and after work, exercise as much as you are able. When you feel that rush of endorphins kick in, you will start to feel physically and mentally better as a consequence.

#2: Find time to relax

Sure, you could run around like a headless chicken both in and out of work, but you won’t give your body or mind time to relax if you do. There are times when you need to slow down and rest, because if you don’t, you will soon start to feel the effects of burnout. So, don’t work every hour that is available to you, as you need to find a healthy balance between work and rest.

When you’re in the workplace, give yourself a breather every so often. Practice breathing exercises when you’re sat at your desk and calm down your agitated mind. Make the most of your break times and do something that takes your mind away from work for a little while. And when you go home each day, forego the temptation to continue working. Turn off your work phone. Don’t look at your emails. Use the time you have to relax with your family and friends, and take part in those activities that will help you to fully unwind.

#3: Eat the right food

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Sure, you could grab a quick snack from the refrigerator when you’re rushing out of the door to work. You could skip out on lunch if your to-do list needed your attention. And you could opt for a fast-food meal on your way home, as this might be easier for you if you are tired after your busy day. However, you are doing yourself no favors if you do any of these things. By eating junk food or by missing out on mealtimes altogether, your health will suffer, and you will become less productive too!

So, get up a little earlier in the morning and prepare yourself a healthy breakfast. You might want to put something healthy in the slow cooker too, as you will then have something good to eat after your busy workday. And you could use the time you have in the morning to create a nutritious office lunch as well. By focussing on your diet, you will have more energy in the day, and your health won’t start to suffer because of any unhealthier alternatives you might otherwise have considered.

#4: Get a good night’s sleep

Burning the candle at both ends will only lead to burnout! Sleep deprivation will also stunt your creativity, negatively affect your decision-making, and damage your productivity at work. So, don’t stay up late into the night engaged in work or leisure activities, as you will suffer in the morning. Be sensible, and get a solid 7-9 hours sleep a night. You will then feel more energized in the morning, your workday will seem less like a chore, and you will be more inclined to exercise and prepare those healthy meals we talked about.

#5: Treat yourself

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and it makes Jill a dull girl too! And the same applies to you, no matter what name you go under. If you have no fun in your life, you will become more prone to feelings of stress, as you won’t have many opportunities to experience those feelings of happiness that can offer you mental and emotional relief. So, order in something good to eat when you’re at work. Treat yourself to the occasional corporate massage, especially during those times when you can feel the pressures of work building up in your body. And when you finish work for the day, do something fun. Go and see a film before you head home. Enjoy a meal at a restaurant in your town. And when you have the money to spend, treat yourself to a bout of retail therapy, because if you have done enough to earn the money in your pockets, you may as well spend a little of it.


The healthier you are, the healthier your business will be. So, focus on yourself for a change, regardless of how busy you are. By giving yourself some self-care, you will reduce your feelings of stress, eliminate the built-up tensions that threaten to derail your health, and sidestep the exhaustion that could take you away from your business.

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