4 Things You Need To Start Your Own Cafe

If you’ve got some great cooking skills, a desire to keep people happy with your amazing food and a sense of entrepreneurship, then starting your own cafe or restaurant might be a great idea for you. If the idea of a restaurant seems too intimidating, why not try your hands at a cafe first? It’s more casual, you can have lesser items on the menu (and more of the snacky variety as opposed to mealtime dishes) and the expenses will also be less. 

So, if you want to start your own cafe, here are four things you need to consider.

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  1.  A Venue

First and foremost, you need a venue to start your cafe. Based on what your bigger plan for your cafe venture is, you could look for a venue on a high street, in a park, in a retail area or in a mall. Of course, you will also need to consider your budget. But choosing a venue is the first step on your journey to opening your own cafe. 

  1.  Investment/ Capital

Next, you would need a certain amount of investment or capital to kickstart things. First and foremost, you would need the money to either buy or rent the cafe premises. But that’s just the start – you will also need to set up the cafe and that includes the kitchen appliances, raw materials for cooking, tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture. You will also need to think about other expenses such as electricity and water bills and employees salaries etc. So make sure you budget for everything beforehand.

  1. Theme and decor 

You might have a rough theme in mind for your cafe – for instance, if it’s by the beach front you might want to make it all about the ocean; or if it’s in a country park you would like to have a more rustic, natural look. Likewise, if it’s a more upmarket cafe serving high-tea and the like, you would like to be a bit more grand. 

The decor would depend on your theme obviously, and when you are looking for commercial cafe furniture online or in-store, you will instantly know when you like a particular table or chair or set; it will just click. You can either have a table and chairs set or different chairs and tables – again, this decision will depend on your overall decor. Make sure your furniture matches the wall paint, else choose your furniture prior to painting the venue. 

  1. Have a USP

While starting your own cafe might sound very exciting, you must realise that it is not a niche business – in fact, you will often find a line of cafes on any high street or town centre. So, if you want to make your cafe truly stand out – have some sort of USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Of course, your food will ultimately be the deciding factor on whether customers come back a second time (quality is key); but having something else that attracts them back or attracts new customers is a great idea. 

Maybe you could have a special weekend brunch, or a coffee-and-cake deal, or perhaps serve a speciality coffee you can’t get elsewhere? Think out of the box on this one.

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