Breaking The Company Chains: Looking After Our Business By Looking After Our Employees

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Why are there so many ways to look after our business in a fundamental sense, by straddling the legalities and so forth, we’ve got to figure out how to look after one of the key components of our company. The people that work for us aren’t just worker bees or people to add to the workforce statistics, but these people that drive our company into the upper echelons. And this is something that we can underestimate in so many different ways. With this in mind, what can we do to ensure that we look after the people who make our business what it is?

Be careful where you outsource

Outsourcing is something that, to an extent, we can get trigger happy about. We feel there’s one part of a business that could do with a little bit of improvement; we outsource it! But be careful how you do this. There are essential components that you should outsource, especially if you don’t have the skills in house, like cybersecurity, as evidenced by, but if you do too much, your employees may feel threatened. We want to keep morale high, and this means that when you do outsource, we have got to see that it’s good for the business, but also ensure that our employees aren’t looking to jump ship. We can feel that, by outsourcing, our business is slowly being chipped away and sold off piece by piece. This is not going to do anything for the morale of your employees.

Understanding that our employees are human beings

They are not worker bees, not statistics, they are people who have problems, and we have to be savvy in the modern workplace. The way it used to be, you would sit down, get on with it. But now, we’ve got to operate in a more holistic approach. Looking after our business better isn’t just about ensuring that productivity is increased, and targets are met, it’s about making sure that our workers are happy. Wellbeing is crucial. And we need to create a wellbeing strategy because this is what will drive better business. And on there are stages to creating this wellbeing strategy. Sometimes there is a reason employees don’t hit their targets, and it’s due to pressures inside and outside of work. Unfortunately, we can get blindsided by the facts and figures, and this is all we think we need. But look at the sacrifice that our employees have made to get you those results. It could very well result in burnout.

Know your limitations

Looking after your employees is about looking after yourself as well. You might think that everything drives the business and that you can’t get off the treadmill. This will result in you burning out sooner. Understand that, as humans, we’ve all got limits, and that we need to aim for the stars, but also realize when we have to back off. Once you set more realistic expectations, you couldn’t pinpoint areas of weakness, and your employees will see this is more of a human trait.

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