How To Increase Your Productivity

There’s no denying that everyone wants to be more productive. Whether you’re trying to optimize every hour you have because you’re starting up a new business or you’re looking to boost efficiency during your working hours so you can focus on your family or other business ventures outside of business hours, there are tips and tricks to help you boost your productivity. Read on for more information.

Prioritize sleep

When you’re focusing on increasing your productivity, it may seem counterintuitive to focus on rest. But, without the right amount of sleep, you’ll find that you’re more easily distracted and less efficient in your tasks. So, make sure to get enough sleep each night to ensure that you hit the ground running every morning. If sleep comes naturally to you, then that’s great. It may be down to the amount of screen time you have if you find getting to sleep difficult. Consider blue light glasses – they block out the blue light from screens, and some studies have suggested they can help improve sleep.

Track your time 

To discover where you’re wasting time, consider tracking your time for the week, and then analyzing the results. You can do this manually – by noting down the time when you start a task and when you finish it – or you can do this using one of the several online time tracking tools. This task will help you identify where you waste the most amount of time, and where you can streamline tasks to ensure you’re being as productive as you can be. When you are armed with the knowledge of where you spend too much time on specific tasks, you can then begin to remedy the issue.


Set goals 

Setting goals – for the morning, the day or even the week – can help focus your mind. No, this doesn’t mean setting unrealistic goals to put pressure on you to perform. It means considering what you need to achieve in the week and factoring in the hours you will need to put in to get that done. Some people would coin this as ‘self-imposed deadlines’; however, this language can be tricky sometimes, as you can start to play up and work against these deadlines. By considering them as goals and then consistently achieving them, you can perpetuate positivity. When you have done that, you can stay accountable to your own goals and ensure you’re working hard to achieve them at all times.

Use your diary 

Whether you’re self-employed and, therefore, in complete control of your diary, or even you don’t use one – or you work for a business where someone else looks after your diary for you; it’s time to unharness its power. You can use your planner to block out time to let you achieve important goals. There’s no use in multitasking all day – you won’t be productive, miss things, and make completing tasks very difficult. So, block out specific times in your diary to focus solely on one task. And if you’re still working from a paper diary, consider one of the brilliant online planners that can be found on the internet. They often come with useful tools to help keep you productive.

Timing is everything 

Consider what your most productive time of the day is and utilize it. It may be that you operate best between 8 am and 10.30 am. If that’s the case, use that time to focus on the most challenging tasks that you have to complete that day. Knowledge is power here – so keep an eye on what times work best for you. If you prepare yourself to work hard during specific hours, you will find it much easier to work efficiently.


Take a break 

Resting is equally as important as working hard. And as vital as it is to know when you’re most productive, it’s equally important to know when you’re least productive. If you’re not a morning person, structure your day to allow yourself time not to be productive; that way, you won’t have exhausted yourself from pushing against your limits.

Hopefully, this list will arm you with enough tips for you to boost your productivity in the future.

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