Making The Business Location Work For You In The New Normal After Covid

We have all just faced a very strange first half of the year when it comes to our businesses, and so you may be wondering what it is you can do now we enter this new phase of getting things back to normal. You may want to head back to your business location but how will it work now? Here are some of the things to think about.

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Social distancing in place

There are strict guidelines in place now when it comes to things like social distancing, and so you need to ensure that your business premises are up to scratch. Having markings on the floor can help and guide your customers and clients. You might also want to ensure that the staff follow procedures and keep a distance from each other as well as when dealing with customers. This helps everyone to feel safe.

Encouraging the use of face masks

Another thing that we are all having to get used to is wearing masks, so you may want to ensure that you encourage this with customers and clients. It can also help your customers to feel safer if your staff wear them as well. PPE is an essential to keep everyone safe when it comes to COVID. You may even want to supply it so that people feel like you are taking the threat seriously.

Ensuring all facilities work appropriately

Things are getting back to normal, which means you will need to ensure that your faculties are working appropriately and have the right guidelines in place when it comes to social distance. So whether you need to secure against things like backflow prevention in the bathrooms or keeping the electrics checked over for your tech and lighting, don’t let these things slip.

Regular risk assessments for staff

It is important now more than ever that you have regular risk assessments when it comes to your business location. You will need to not only count your usual health and safety checks and procedures but you will also need to factor in the new guidance to protect customers and staff from covid-19. Doing this regularly will help to better protect you as a business.

Flexible working options

These last few months will have made many people see how easy it is to work from home thanks to VPN access and the latest technology in things like video calling and communication, so why stop now? It might be easier to offer flexible working arrangements and keep people working from home. Not only for their safety but for your business as well.

Helping customers to feel safe

Finally, the main priority would be to keep customers safe and to help them to feel confident in using your business. So having the right procedures in place and also having staff that follow the guidance will help your business to get used to this new normal and to also thrive as we progress out of these strange few months we have experienced.

Let’s hope these tips help your business location to get used to this new normal we all face.

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