Stockholm Presentation

Now this sure beats a Powerpoint Presentation!

Thank you to Peter Wilson of Oz Cakes for forwarding it to me!

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  • That was pretty impressive. Technology and Magic are sometimes alike.

    Isaac Asimov once said the “Any sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic” and this was just liek that.

    We work in the field of Embedded Software and for many that is also very much like magic. You can’t see it working but you can see the amazing results that come in fields like:
    – Industrial Controls
    – User Interfaces
    – Biomedical devices
    – Portable computing
    – Portable entertainment
    – Power control and distribution

    Thanks again for sharing. I’m going to watch that again.

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Casey Business of the Year 2010
    Industrial Electronics Future Award Winner 2011
    Award Winning Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development

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