The Perfect Careers For Social Butterflies

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you always have something to say no matter what the topic is? Are you part of a large social circle? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may want to think about breaking into an industry that allows you to exploit your love of being sociable. There are many careers out there that can give you the opportunity to break free from the confines of your office and explore a career that allows you to engage with a variety of people on a daily basis. Take a look at these potential career options and be inspired to ditch the 9-5.


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1. Charity Fundraiser

If you enjoy being persuasive and can exude passion in every syllable that passes your lips, then working for a charity may be for you. You will be fighting for a cause that you are passionate about while at the same time chatting with people on a daily basis. You may find yourself speaking at a charity event such as a sponsored fun run, going into schools to talk to children about what it is your charity raises money for, or you could be going out onto the street and encouraging people to sign up to make a donation. This career would blend your passion for meeting a variety of people as well as doing something for the betterment of society. Win – win!


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2. Wedding Planner

Who doesn’t love a good old wedding? If you are creative and relish the challenge of working to a set budget, then events planning may be just what you are looking for. You will need high levels of motivation to cope with the pressure of organizing the most important day of two people’s lives.

It will be your job to liaise between the happy bride and groom, family members, florists, cake makers, venue managers, the church and musicians to name but a few. You will be central to ensuring the smooth running of the happy couple’s big day. The responsibility is massive, but this career has the job satisfaction to match. You will be providing the foundations for a lifetime of happy memories as you see the beautiful bride and handsome groom walking down the aisle. It’ll be emotional. Just make sure you have plenty of tissues for the big day!


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3. Spokesmodel

If you are articulate, present yourself well and have a convincing sales technique, you should consider a career as a spokesmodel. By signing up with a spokes model agency, you will have the chance to represent companies and businesses at a variety of corporate events, trade show exhibitions, and product launches. You will be the face of a business, engaging potential customers and promoting a service or product. You’ll need bags of confidence and the ability to talk to a variety of audiences. You never know, you could be jetting around the world taking part in a major media marketing campaign. The world is your oyster.


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4. Summer Camp Leader

If you enjoy engaging with young people and spending time in their company, it might be wise to consider a role as a summer camp leader. This means you’ll have to ditch the TV and the Internet and welcome the opportunity of a career outdoors. You will be working with young people from all walks of life. You will need to be encouraging and sensitive to their fears or worries. One morning you may be taking a group of kids white water rafting, the next afternoon you may be teaching children the safety techniques when trying their hand at archery and in the evening you could be leading the songs around a campfire. If you love being active and using your initiative, this could be the new career path for you.


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5. Personal Trainer

It goes without saying that you need to be a bit of a gym bunny as well as a social butterfly to make this job a success. However, you can be your own boss in control of your own schedule and meeting clients throughout the day. You will meet individuals who require a major overhaul of their fitness regime as well as those who require a little body maintenance. It will be your job to enthuse those who are reluctant about the positive aspects of exercise as well as boosting the self-esteem of those with low body confidence. If this sounds like an attractive career option, try heading down to your local gym and enquiring about any work opportunities they may have.

You spend at least eight hours a day at work, so it’s vital that you do something that you love. There’s no better time to escape the rat race and follow your passion.

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