Three Steps For Pushing Yourself in Your Career

The level of success that you can experience throughout your career can be directly linked to your attitude and how far you believe in yourself, and how far you think you will be able to go. There is a saying that says, whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right. That is why you may need an extra push in your career through a mentor or someone who inspires you and believes in you, to give you the extra push that you think you might need to get to the next level. If you don’t think you can, then you won’t. If you think you can, then with hard work, you will. Here are some things to consider as you pursue your career and strive to succeed.

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Identify what your motivators are

You need to find out what helps to motivate you, in order to help you to be better and to grow in your career. This could be thinking about what gives your life meaning or just what brings you joy in general. Are you motivated by financial reward, or do you prefer to be motivated by really setting your mind to something and then being able to do it? Where do you want your career to be in five years, for example? This direction can help you to move forward and achieve more each day. 

Take on challenges 

You may be in the career that you want to be right now, and just want to get higher up the ladder, so to speak. You may be in a career that isn’t ideal for you right now, but by seeking out different experiences and challenges, no matter where you are in your career right now, it will force you to grow. By going out of your comfort zone and taking on a certain task or applying to do something new, will help you to learn, as well as stand out from your peers. 

It could be pushing yourself to look for new drillers offsider jobs to get into an industry that you have an interest in, or perhaps you want to study at the same time as working, to further where you are in your career currently. When you push yourself it helps you to look more valuable to potential employers, and you never know where the next experiences may take you. 

Ask for help

By getting help from a more experienced colleague or a mentor that you trust, you will help to get more confidence, and can scratch your limits. By talking to someone who knows how to get to where you want to be or understands the challenges that you face, it will help you to improve your resilience, especially when you may feel like you are failing. A trusted colleague or mentor can help you to achieve your goals, and that can boost your confidence. Confidence is key to success, as it will help you believe that you are able to succeed and that means that you will.

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