Australian engineer in the running for another award!

Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours is up for yet another business award! Competition is they but we are already on the short list.  Here are the statistics:  15,000 businesses are invited to apply, only 83 do.  So they aren’t competing with 15,000 other businesses, just 83.  Of course those 83 are of a better mindset because they are there. That’s why an Exponential Mindset makes success easier and easier BECAUSE there are less and less people competing with you as you get better!

Successful Endeavours was recently featured in the Casey in Business magazine which goes out to 4,500 businesses in Casey.  Even though there are 15,000 registered businesses in Casey and they all get contacted by the Casey Business Development office and encouraged to sign up for free support and information services, less than a third actually do it.  I think you’ll agree this is GREAT exposure – especially when it’s a FULL PAGE AD!

Ray Keefe - Successful Endeavours

Ray Keefe - Successful Endeavours

Of course Ray is a multi-award winning Exponential Marketing Enthusiast, Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year Award winner… So he knows he’s going to request a full page reprint that he can then send to all his existing clients, prospects and suspects. For those ‘top’ clients, he’s going to request actual magazines for the ADDED VALUE IMPACT… With a post-it note sticking out of the page where his ad is, with another post-it note on the cover…

Totally exponential which doesn’t just win you business awards, it wins you NEW BUSINESS!

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  • And I would never have understood either the power or the effectiveness of strategies like this if I hadn’t joined the Platinum Program with Dr. Marc Dussault, The Exponential Growth Strategist.

    Initially I wasn’t sure that Successful Endeavours, an Engineering Consultancy focussing on Electronics and Embedded Software development for Australian Electronics Manufacturers, would be a good fit for the growth strategies being taught to us. We were desiging motor controls, industrial telemetry, wireless communications, sensor interfaces, power distribution equipment, inverters, consumer applicances and automotive electronics products and the embedded software that ran on them. So how were these strategies going to help us? Clearly I was wrong because since joining the Platinum Program we have:
    – moved our home based business into commercial premises during the global financial crisis
    – rebranded and learnt how to present ourselves
    – won 2 National Awards for technical excellence
    – I’ve personally won an Entrepreneur award
    – and we are finalists in the Casey Business Awards in 2 categories

    Thanks Marc,

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Electronics and Embedded Software that works

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