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If you’ve had any hardships in the past – depression, divorce, suicide, drug or alcohol addictions, mental illness you need to seriously consider the impact revealing any of these can have on your career or business.

This is one of the PERSONA PRINCIPLES that are critical to a successful career or business. People have biases and prejudices – PRE JUDGING people => depression, suicide are COMPLETELY and TOTALLY misunderstood by society, you’re not about to change that.

It’s NOT your personal or corporate mission to do so, so don’t start something you can’t finish.

The last thing you want is to be passed over because of a suicide attempt 20 years ago because your potential employer’s an idiot and doesn’t understand that you’ve recovered, love your life and it was a life-changing event that made you appreciate your life, career at a much more intense, grateful and balanced level.

He doesn’t understand it was the turning point that allowed you to open up to your girlfriend, whom you married within a year and had three lovely kids who are well mannered and appreciative of your attention and devotion without being spoiled.

Furthermore he has no idea that you donate your time to a suicide hot line because you know what it’s like and in the past 20 years, you’ve saved hundreds of lives.

You can argue you don’t want to work for someone like that, but then that’s a discussion for another day – because being the idiot that he is – he’s not going to give you the choice – that’s the whole point…

Think about what you reveal and whom you reveal it to.

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  • It is sad that such a tragic thing has such a disgusting stigma. I personally feel that people who have overcome such a dark and sad event have a renewed strength of character and value for life. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. It is important to not open yourself up to have your iner-most secrets judged and stomped all over by ignorant fools.

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