Hiring Professional Flooring Contractors To Improve Your Business


Flooring contractors can help you choose the right flooring for your commercial or domestic premises. While using contractors is often a must for commercial projects, it can be tempting to save money by not opting for a specialist supplier. Some residential householders even choose not to enlist the help of contractors at all. This is often a mistake. Not only will an experienced flooring contractor know exactly what type of flooring will work – and look – the best, they will also install it correctly. It is never worth cutting corners when it comes to investing in flooring, no matter what the size or type of project. The right product installed by experts will last for years to come. Plus, in light of the current pandemic, the importance of choosing the right safety flooring is critical for health and safety too, which is something we will discuss.

What Different Types Of Commercial Flooring Can You Choose From?

Your commercial flooring options are many and varied, but professional flooring contractors will help you work out which will be the best for your project. The main choices available to you are carpeting, wood flooring, vinyl flooring, rubber flooring and/or safety flooring. Each one is perfect for particular areas within certain buildings and businesses, but choosing the wrong one can cause problems.

Not installing the right floor surface in an environment such as a swimming pool changing room, for example, can not only be unpleasant for users, it can also be a health and safety issue. With COVID-19 regulations in place, a health and safety breach is one thing no business can afford.

However, your commercial flooring must also suit the style and ambience of your premises. As an example, wooden flooring can often work better in luxury hotels, boutique shops, and high-end retail spaces than vinyl flooring would. Wood gives a feeling of class and style, and offers the impression of sumptuousness and luxury when done right. It can certainly boost your brand and the way people feel about your business. In terms of practicality, it is also highly durable, giving you value for money from your investment because it won’t need to be replaced in a few years.

What Is Safety Flooring?

Wooden floors, on the other hand, are impractical where safety is an issue. Here, specially designed safety flooring is the answer. This is ideal when the environment must be adapted to prevent slips and falls, such as staff and public bathrooms, commercial kitchens, and so on – anywhere where floors might experience frequent spillages.

Not only is safety flooring designed to be anti-slip when wet, though – it also retains this property when dry, and works whether the user is wearing footwear or not. That means it can be used in other areas too, such as hospitals, changing rooms, and care homes. It can be combined with other safety tactics, such as worksite edge protection when working from a height and fire protection, to ensure a complete health and safety approach.

It is an alarming fact that even the smallest spillage creates a film between the floor and the user’s foot that will prevent them from making sufficient contact with the floor’s surface. Without this friction, slips and falls are almost inevitable. Even dry substances, like talcum powder, when spilled on a standard floor can lead to falls, as the grains can act like ball bearings underfoot. The best types and brands of vinyl safety flooring incorporate an aggregate throughout the thickness of the flooring. This ensures the surface retains anti-slip properties throughout its entire lifetime. Nor does safety flooring have to be dull and industrial in appearance: today, it’s available in lots of different colors and finishes.

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