How Can You Turn Reputation Into Your Greatest Business Asset?

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There’s a form of currency that your business has that you may not have realized the full potential of – namely, you and your reputation. The old saying that “people do business with people” is just as true in the digital age. In fact, the reach of your reputation, and it’s power to either enhance your business or hold it back, is more amplified than ever through social networks and company review sites. You have a great opportunity as an entrepreneur to establish yourself. And once the right people trust you, they are much more likely to buy into whatever you’re selling – whether you’re trying to attract new clients, building relationships with suppliers or pitching for funding. So how do you establish yourself as one to watch?

Do What You Say You’ll Do  – When You Said You’d Do It

Okay, this one may seem a little basic. But you’d be surprised by how many people don’t abide by this simple tenet of good business sense. Obviously, life likes to throw us curveballs once in a while, but planning is absolutely key – even planning in time to handle interruptions and other unscheduled tasks. If people have to follow up with you, it creates a minor level of mistrust. Conversely, when we deal with someone who always delivers, we tend to go back to them time and again. We quickly come to think of them as reliable – and that creates a halo effect where we tend to think of their other characteristics in a more positive light.

Become A Connector Of People

Learning how to network effectively is a big goal for most business people. And yet if you only approach it thinking narrowly in terms of the direct benefit to your business, you’re missing the point. Too many people are dismissive of those contacts that either don’t have an immediate use for them or are seeking something they can’t provide themselves. The real secret lies in connecting others as well. Contact looking for web development services and you only do marketing? Recommend that little firm down the road you know can do a great job. Not only will they be grateful – and more likely to recommend your company back – but the person you connected will remember you as a ‘fixer’, and you’ll then be top of their list when they do need something that you provide.

Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

Becoming known in your industry involves understanding your personal values, finding your point of difference, and giving your comment on current topics and issues. Sites like LinkedIn can give you a platform on topics in your sector, and seeking out opportunities to give keynote speeches is worthwhile if you have something to say. Working with a PR specialist, such as Elite Lawyer Management in the legal space, can help you to develop a strategy around your personal brand and what you want to become known for. Being the ‘go to’ person for an insightful opinion in your sphere can have a tangible effect on your company’s bottom line.

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