Organising A Successful Remote Conference

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COVID-19 has successfully scuppered a lot of plans this year. Many personal occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries have been put on hold, and of course business events such as conferences and trade shows have been cancelled.

It is important though from a business perspective to try and maintain as much normality as possible and this is why many have chosen to take the remote route this year when organising events and conferences.

We want to talk to you today about how you can plan and carry out a remote conference for business and still share that all important information with those internally and externally.

Send out invites

The first thing you need to do when planning an event or conference online is send out invitations well in advance. Make sure when you plan an event that you invite people with plenty of time to go to ensure that they are able to attend. You can even employ an event and conference organiser to help send out invites and manage rsvps so you know how many people will be on board with the conference.

Create an agenda

Before you even think of hosting an online conference you must take the time to create an agenda. There is no point getting people together on a teams call if you don’t have anything to say – so take the time to put together a minute by minute agenda and send this out to your attendees before the event so that they know what they are in store for. It will also allow people to prepare notes or questions they have with regards to each point on your list.

Ask for input

The most important thing to do when hosting an online event such as this is to involve your team and get them thinking about it too. For example, you can invite each member of the team to come up with a topic they want to talk about and allow them to present it to the group. This will not only be a good way to add structure to the day – but it will give your team some public speaking skills and help them with their confidence.

Stick to a set time

It is important when you plan something such as an online conference to choose a time and stick to it. Just like an in-person event – people will have freed up time in their day for this so you must be on time and you must be able to attend the whole thing. Just because it is a remote event doesn’t make it any less important and doesn’t mean it can be cancelled or changed at the last minute.

Use slideshows

When presenting something on a call it is helpful to use imagery. Make sure to create a good PowerPoint for your attendees and this will allow you to demonstrate things as you go and create something that is easy to follow. You can even give everyone a copy of the document after the event which they can take away and use themselves.

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