How To Find An Office Space To Suit Your Needs

As Australia is slowly returning to normal, it could be time for business owners to consider whether a new office is in order. Considering the shift from office-based work to remote working, the traditional office may no longer be required. Still, many businesses need a base, even if they do not use it at all times. 

Finding an office can be difficult, especially as things are bound to be different from what companies knew before the pandemic. This means you will need to think about what you need from an office and how your preferred space suits your needs. Here is some advice to help you identify the perfect workspace for you and your team. 

Consider How Many People Will Be There 

The number of people in the office will directly impact what type of office you select. Your office should be large enough that social distancing is possible, even if these regulations will be relaxed in the future. 

You should also think about whether the entire team will be there at once or whether you will have half the team in the office at any one time. There may come the point where everyone needs to be there, so make allowances for a full house, too. 

Reach Out for Third-Party Assistance 

Running a business and searching for an officer simultanously can be distracting as you are trying to do two things at once. These responsibilities can impact your focus and may even overwhelm you. 

To avoid this, working with a professional service like a commercial property management company will make things much easier. You can highlight your needs and allow them to do the hard work, giving you the time to focus on rebuilding your business. 

Think Carefully About the Location

Location is one of the most vital elements of running a business. For retail work, the perfect location can help bring more customers to your shop, whereas a terrible location can mean potential customers will miss you entirely. 

The same goes for an office space. When welcoming clients and investors, you need your office to be easily accessible, both by car and public transport. However, finding prime office real estate is competitive, and you will have an array of other companies vying for similar spots. This might mean you need to pay more, so consider whether this is affordable. 

Remember Storage Requirements 

Besides employees and furniture, you will also need to think about storage requirements. The perfect office should have enough space to store equipment, such as printers and copiers, as well as bags, jackets, and other essentials. 

Don’t be put off by offices that seem to lack storage rooms because there are plenty of popular design trends the modern office can implement to make things easier. For smaller teams, this storage may not be as vital, but bigger companies will need enough space for everyone, even if they are not all at the office at the same time right now. 

Is It Temporary or Permanent?

A permanent office space gives you a great chance to establish your business. It will make it easier for clients to find you in the future and saves the hassle of moving every few years. But, as you have seen a significant shift in working requirements, a full-time office may not be necessary. 

Temporary office space will give you somewhere to work for now while you consider the best approach for the future. For this, coworking spaces are ideal, especially for a few employees at a time. Unlike permanent offices, there is not as much commitment, as you only need to pay when you need to use it. 

Don’t Settle Immediately 

You might feel pressured to pick an office as quickly as possible so that you don’t lose it to another company. However, settling for anything could cause issues later on. 

You don’t yet know how the pandemic could continue, and there is always the chance that employees will need to work remotely for a little longer. Instead, it is best to consider different offices without committing immediately. This will allow you to weigh up whether you will bring your employees back permanently or allow them to work from home for slightly longer. 


Your idea of the perfect office space is likely to be much different to what you are used to. You need to find something large enough, but not too big that there is too much unused space, as you are paying for square footage that isn’t necessary. Y, you will have no trouble identifying the optimal workspace that matches your company and employees’ needs. 

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