Leadership And Music

Just in case you don’t know, I don’t yet play a musical instrument. I thought I should make that clear just in case you think this video is about music – it’s not. It’s a long video, a full 20 minutes, but it’s worth watching (otherwise why would I blog about it?) Seriously now, it’s worth putting the time aside later tonight or over the weekend to watch how a master communicator does it – humorously and passionately.

I know that as a Professional Mastery enthusiast, you’ll agree that not only was this video worth watching – it was so good I know you’ll forward this blog link to a handful of people who’ll in turn thank you for it.

The reason this video is on this blog and not one of my other blogs is because it’s all about how to present your ideas, thoughts and feelings in a convincing, heartfelt manner that is enjoyable, enlightening and entertaining.

If you seek to achieve this outcome, one of the best strategies is to learn from those who do it best.

I teach these principles in our landmark event called Unleash The Speaker Within. Today’s blog post is one of several examples you’ll get as a participant, to hone your craft as a public speaker.

By the way, this video was forwarded to me by Sydney’s Premier Plumber, David Conroy of The Lone Drainer And Pronto, a graduate of the 2009 Unleash The Speaker Within event we staged in Melbourne.

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